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Helping You Navigate the Unknown

The world of financial services can be daunting — even if your situation is relatively straightforward. The good news? You don’t have to navigate these waters alone. Our team at Evershore Financial Group has real-world experience that enables us to offer real-world guidance and personalized solutions. We aim to build genuine relationships and a safe space where you can ask honest questions and get real answers. We are committed to keeping you informed and educated, helping you make the most of what you’ve worked hard to build, and working to support the holistic growth of your unique financial ecosystem.

Determining Where You Are Now - <em><strong>And What You Need</strong></em>

Determining Where You Are Now - And What You Need

You might not have the answers when it comes to understanding your financial situation or even what your goals are. That’s okay. We’re here to help you gain clarity about where you are. We assist you in understanding your current needs and future requirements — and how to get from here to there.

Providing a <em><strong>Highly Customized Experience</strong></em> &#8212; Courtesy of Our Specialists

Providing a Highly Customized Experience — Courtesy of Our Specialists

With decades of experience, the Evershore team is highly skilled in offering guidance for every area that affects your financial life. In working with an Evershore representative, you might notice that we frequently bring in other Evershore specialists in order to build knowledgeable solutions for unique situations. This means we are well positioned to serve a wide range of clients, from businesses to individuals and families, no matter how unique your needs.

<strong><em>Facilitating Holistic Planning</em></strong>&#160;For Every Area of Your Life

Facilitating Holistic Planning For Every Area of Your Life

At Evershore Financial Group, we’ll help you develop and maintain an effective financial ecosystem. For many people, this includes multiple key players. As an effective strategy within our holistic approach, we bring all your advisors together — including our internal specialists and your external ancillary professionals, such as accountants and attorneys. This inclusive coordination ensures a more cohesive and complete execution of your plans to help drive collective efforts and progress toward your goals.

<em><strong>Focusing on You</strong></em> &#8212; the Client

Focusing on You — the Client

To put it simply — we’re a client-centric firm with a client-centric mindset. But, what does this mean for you? To us, you’re more than a number — more than one plan out of many. You’re a unique individual and someone we know and care for deeply. So, we don’t just sell products; we build relationships. Additionally, our team members offer a wide range of experience and expertise in many areas. This means that, together, we can provide flexible solutions for whatever you face in life.

Our Core Values

Make Independent Advice Accessible

Without regard for a client’s net worth or who they are, we bring value to everyone. We deliver the same level of knowledge and education to help you pursue success on your terms.

Take an All-for-One Teamwork Attitude

We know the value of our collective knowledge. Advisors often bring in Evershore specialists and work together as a team to deliver a great experience and right-fit advice for you.

Put the Client First - Always

Here at Evershore, we value trust and relationship with you. Everything we do comes down to what is best for you, in both your personal and financial well-being.

Plan for Everything

We’re here to help you plan, coordinate and execute solutions for every area of your financial lives. From unexpected situations to growth opportunities -- we’re here for it all.

What Advisors Say About Evershore Financial

“The best thing about Evershore Financial Group is all the resources and the culture. Everyone is very
helpful. This whole job is about how you [present it] and how you make people feel emotionally.”

Palm Beach Gardens (PBG)

"If you’re serious about being in this business and wanting to make it in this business, there are few places that understand what it takes and can help you do that without being just product driven."

—Advisor, PBG

“We hire people that fit our culture and they fit into a working relationship with everyone. I am very proud of what we do.”

—Evershore Financial Group Employee

"Family oriented and all the personal touches.”

—Evershore Financial Group Employee

Evershore Leadership

Steven Zborowski

Steven Zborowski

Senior Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor.

R. Christian Rasband

R. Christian Rasband, CFP®

Senior Vice President, Field Director

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Our suite of services supports solutions that focus on what’s best for her personal and financial well-being.

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Our step-by-step process -- helped by your input -- helps create a flexible, one-of-a-kind plan tailored to your specific situation.

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Our experienced and knowledgeable professional advisors also have the resources of Evershore specialists. Together, we help you maintain your financial ecosystem.

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