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Business Financial Solutions

Planning and Implementing Real-World Solutions

Planning and Implementing Real-World Solutions

Evershore’s business planning expertise extends to various business types, including but not limited to: doctors, healthcare providers, veterinarians, attorneys, real estate brokers and sales professionals. We form a team of specialists around your needs to coordinate and execute solutions for every area of your business and finances as a business owner.

Business Valuations

At Evershore Financial, we provide professional business valuation services to help you understand the true worth of your company. We use comprehensive appraisal techniques to assess financial performance, industry trends, and market conditions to support strategic decisions, mergers, acquisitions, and exit planning. Through our accurate valuations, we can help empower you to make informed, confident decisions.

Deferred Compensation

Evershore Financial can help you design and implement tailored deferred compensation solutions to provide key employees with an attractive, tax-advantaged form of compensation. Our experienced team of financial professionals can work with you to design packages which align with the long-term objectives of your business and your employees.

Executive Bonus

Leverage our executive bonus services to reward key executives and help attract top talent to your organization. We can help you design executive bonus plans that align with you company’s objectives and executive performance goals. These plans can help motivate executives to excel and contribute to the company's overall growth and success in meaningful ways, as they can offer tax advantages and incentives.

Financial Strategies & Fee-based Financial Planning for Businesses

Evershore Financial offers comprehensive financial strategies and fee-based financial planning services tailored specifically for businesses. We collaborate closely with you to coordinate and execute specialized solutions which align with your unique goals and business plans. By adopting a fee-based approach, we ensure complete transparency and a commitment to acting in your best interests.

Succession Strategies

The Evershore team works closely with business owners to understand your vision and objectives for the future. We help design and coordinate comprehensive succession plans that address key considerations such as business valuations, buy-sell agreements, leadership development and more. These strategies aim to safeguard the long-term health of the business as well as your personal financial well-being.

Key Employee and Group Insurance & Benefits*

At Evershore Financial, we offer robust Key Employee and Group Insurance & Benefits solutions to protect your valued employees. We can assist in designing tailored insurance packages that provide comprehensive coverage for key employees to help safeguard their well-being and build loyalty to the company. Additionally, our group insurance and benefits plans can help you recruit and retain talented employees, while safeguarding your most valuable assets — your employees.

*Certain Group Benefits and Fixed Insurance offered through Evershore Fixed Insurance

Strategies for Medical Professionals

At Evershore Financial, we understand the unique needs and challenges you face as a medical professional. We can provide personalized solutions that align your goals as a physician, dentist or other healthcare practitioner. Strategies may include optimizing practice cash flow, tax-efficient planning, retirement solutions and risk management. We can help you get back to focusing on your patients, not your finances.

Personal Planning

Evershore Financial offers personal financial planning services and solutions tailored to your unique financial needs and concerns as a business owner. We can help you integrate your personal and business goals for a cohesive approach and coordinated execution. From providing tax-efficient wealth management to offering guidance on succession or monetizing your business, we can help free up your time and take the unnecessary stress of financial matters off your plate.

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