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Evershore Financial Group’s foundation is based on two truisms: No two people are alike. And no two situations are alike. Because of this, our team consists of specialists with highly diverse backgrounds, real-world experience and knowledge. We are strategically and intentionally well-positioned to serve you and your entirely unique financial situation. The clients we serve include the following:

<strong>Individuals and Families</strong>

Individuals and Families

Assisting in all life phases, from starting out to marriage, children and education, and everything in between.

<strong>Pre-Retirees and Retirees</strong>

Pre-Retirees and Retirees

Preparing you for a stage where work becomes optional and maintaining the lifestyle you want is key.



Working with clients who have unique financial challenges like pilots, teachers, health care providers, attorneys and sales professionals.

<strong>Special Needs</strong>

Special Needs

Partnering with families and individuals who face special needs, such as caring for elderly relatives or family members with long-term disabilities.

<strong>Widows, Widowers &#38;</strong><br/><strong>Divorcees</strong>

Widows, Widowers &

Providing recommendations and advice to help those who are separated from spouses move forward from a position of financial strength.

<strong>Business Owners</strong>

Business Owners

Addressing the specific needs of small, medium and large businesses, including employee retention and succession planning.

Offering Specialized Advice, Tailored for You

Unique Careers

Unique Careers

Helping pilots, teachers, doctors, medical practitioners, veterinarians and lawyers with their financial goals



Providing recommendations and assistance to help women get the most from their assets and investments.



Helping non-binary and gender-different individuals and families with challenges unique to these communities.



Helping individuals who participate in the Florida Retirement System (FRS) to get the most from their plans.



Assisting families and individuals with concerns about assets received as part of an estate or from a will.

College Planning

College Planning

Ensuring the higher education of younger family members by planning and implementing savings strategies.

Births and Deaths

Births and Deaths

Working with individuals on financial plans in all life phases, from the happiness of birth, to the sadness of losing loved ones.



Working with individuals, both pre- and post-retirement, to ensure they have the resources to support the lives they envision.

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