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Evershore University

<strong>Welcome to Evershore University&#160;</strong><em>Our Investment In Your Financial Education</em> <br/>

Welcome to Evershore University Our Investment In Your Financial Education

Evershore University offers an educational seminar series geared to guide individuals with varying financial experience. Offered through Evershore Financial Group, Evershore University courses have been taught in conjunction with several reputable universities including Florida Atlantic University, Rollins College and Stetson University Life Long. The Evershore Financial team brings product-neutral, sales free content to life with their extensive experience, creating a safe, judgment-free environment for real-life financial education.

Evershore University Courses

Social Security Dilemma

Learn how Social Security can impact your benefits, and what steps to take to get the maximum from your distribution. Other topics include how Social Security interacts with other income, how to optimize Social Security and taxes and who, exactly, is covered through the program.

Retirement Beyond the Numbers

Retirement is more than numbers. In this course, you’ll learn about strategies that are seldom mentioned in retirement planning including health events, loss of loved ones, motivational factors and more. Also offered is information about cognitive maintenance, stressors, and the “digital divide.”

Investments 2.0

This advanced course focuses on the technical side of investing and real returns. Learn about factors that contribute to returns. Topics include deviations (alpha, beta, STD), sequence returns and withdrawals, modern portfolio theory and efficient frontier and Monte Carlo simulations. Specific recommendations won’t be issued, but you’ll get a good idea of how past performance can impact future results.

Cybersecurity and Your Money

We’re becoming more aware of scams and hacks that steal our money and identity. In this course, we bring to light recent scams perpetrated to gain control of your money. You’ll also learn some of the protocols used by broker dealers, investment firms and banks to protect against breaches. Additional topics include what’s at risk, what to do when you’ve been hacked, steps to protect your financial resources and the future of cybersecurity.

Retirement Strategies

This two-part course addresses everything about retirement, from realities and myths of investing to assistance with family estate planning. Topics include conservative approaches to retirement, the three risks of depletion, annuities, Social Security, long-term care, legacy issues, taxes and investments.

Giving to Your Grandchildren

This information offers a comprehensive view on how to give, how much to give and reasons for giving. The topics will also include gifting to minors, transferring control, direct tuition, timing, control taxes and other implications involved with your generosity to loved ones.

Secrets of Paris from a Francophile

For those interested in Paris, this interactive course provides an in-depth look at the City of Lights from an instructor who spends much of his time there. Topics include the Parisian mindset, myths and stereotypes, the city’s layout and neighborhoods, history, culture and more.

What Is a Financial Plan

This course provides a hands-on method to help you understand a financial plan that a fiduciary might prepare to portray your current financial position. An understanding of this roadmap helps you plan various goals and objectives, as well as pinpointing barriers that might be in the way. Topics include the purpose of a financial plan, the fact-finding process, a financial plan review and recommendations and plan analysis.

Starting a Small Business

Want to start a business? This course provides the basic steps of setting up and running a business, and resources available to help you. Topics include business planning, financial concerns, marketing, cash flow and social media. The course loosely follows the SCORE curriculum, which helps entrepreneurs create and grow their businesses. SCORE is a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Charitable Giving

In this course we will explore gifting and charitable contributions during your lifetime and as a legacy. Content includes strategies that allow you to maximize your gifts and tax advantages like trusts, insurance, and leveraged investments. Other in-depth topics include the benefits and hurdles of foundations or legal entities for gift-giving, and types of tools available for doing so.

Retirement Planning

The information in this course will help you envision what your retirement will look like, and the financial strategies necessary to reach those goals. You’ll also understand where you are now, and what you need to implement to move closer to your post-work objectives.

Retirement — Social Security

Ideal for attendees who have not yet applied to receive Social Security, this course will help you understand how Social Security can impact your benefits and available options. We will cover a brief history of Social Security, common questions pertaining to filing for Social Security, the best time to do so, and how to best optimize your retirement income.

Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement

This course outlines a conservative approach to wise money management along with lifestyle issues facing retirees. Attendees learn how to maximize income, investments, Social Security, and retirement plans; also included are steps to protect hard-earned assets from inflation and potential long-term health care issues.

Cognitive Impairments — Financial Planning in the Shadow of Dementia

This course provides an overview on how to manage the finances of loved ones suffering from dementia. Included is an overview of the five-topic financial management framework recommended by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) AgeLab: assets, income and insurance, banking administration, and care management. The course also touches on the financial impact of mental and physical limitations. An elder care attorney will be present to answer any questions.

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