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Planning and Implementing Real-World Solutions

Planning and Implementing Real-World Solutions

Evershore’s specialists have a very clear mindset: Relational service. We want to get to know you so we can help you to plan, coordinate and execute solutions for every area of your financial life. Ours is not a cookie-cutter approach. Rather, planning, recommendations and implementation are dependent on what’s best for your personal and financial well-being. As a small, independent firm with big capabilities, we offer a wide range of products and services to meet your unique needs.

Financial Planning

Our most comprehensive service, financial planning is a process aimed and holistic planning for the short, intermediate and long term. We begin with a financial needs analysis to gain an understanding of your financial position, then work with you to develop financial strategies that make sense for your one-of-a-kind circumstances and a comprehensive plan to pursue your specific goals and objectives.

Investment Management

We offer a two-fold investment management process. First, we work with you to figure out your needs, goals and objectives. And second, we recommend a flexible path to help you pursue them. To do this, we provide our specialized team, client-centric mindset and a suite of products which we tailor to your needs — like stocks, bonds, mutual funds and college savings — to put you on the ideal financial path.

Risk Management

Life has a tendency to throw curve balls. This is where a risk management strategy is essential when it comes to protecting your income, assets, business - and loved ones. Count on Evershore’s risk management specialists to analyze your potential for risk exposure and lead you to best-fit solutions. We can help you search for, analyze and secure plans for long-term care insurance, life insurance, health insurance and disability insurance to help you reduce risk.

Tax Planning

One of few life certainties is taxes, but somehow they can still take us by surprise if we’re not adequately prepared. Evershore Financial Group’s tax planning specialists offer expertise in helping you reduce your tax burden so you can keep more of what you earn and save. Our knowledgeable professionals keep abreast of tax legislation so they can offer timely guidance regarding tax-advantaged strategies and opportunities.

Family Wealth Counseling

Family wealth counseling is a specialized advisory service that we provide here at Evershore Financial. We can work closely with your family to manage, preserve and grow their wealth across generations. We can assist with everything from defining time-based financial goals, to creating personalized wealth management strategies and navigating complex financial decisions. In short, we can help you build and preserve a lasting legacy in your lifetime and for future generations.

Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard to earn and grow your wealth. When you’re no longer around, you want assurance that your financial holdings and assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes. Our estate planning specialists work with you, your attorney and your accountant to develop (or review), maintain and implement plans to help reduce taxes as you pass your holdings to future generations. We can also advise and guide you through processes for setting up trusts, annuities and other tools that can support both charitable giving and managing your loved ones’ financial future.

Retirement Planning

Once upon a time, retirement planning was fairly straightforward. These days, retirement planning can be an alphabet and numerical maze of 401(k) and 412(3) plans or SEP, SIMPLE and ERISA requirements. Adding to this confusion is the age-old question: “When should I apply for Social Security benefits?” Evershore’s retirement planning specialists can help you make sense of the retirement planning maze. We offer our knowledge, education and support to help build a retirement financial strategy that makes good sense in the context of your current situation, for the future you desire.

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